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Communicate as a catalyst for change



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"Awesome speaker! Engaging and legitimately helpful. Great tips!"

“Approximately 120 people from across the country participated in our very successful conference. Those who attended your presentation raved about it.”

“Presenter was very polished and relevant to the audience.”

-Attendee, National Association of Government Communicators 2017 Communications School

Tips on Better Presentations from the Class of 2020

Tips on Better Presentations from the Class of 2020

November 28, 2017

I’m teaching a college class in business communication. We just finished our midterm project. Students chose a nonprofit organization, and over several weeks prepared a 5- to 7-minute presentation to persuade a corporation to support that organization. The presentations are complete – to the students’ great relief. I asked my class to share some tips for … Read More

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Four essential communication tasks for board chairs

Four essential communication tasks for board chairs

May 1, 2017

Part 1 in a series on Effective Board Communication Boards guide corporate, nonprofit, association, advisory, and governmental organizations. Working together, board members provide strategic vision and oversight of management’s strategy and performance. If you’re the board chair, in addition to your job as a board member, you have many other responsibilities. You play a key … Read More

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